Technology advances at a tremendous pace and here at Digital Cinema Solutions we have embraced these advances to bring you the very latest in cinema website development with internet ticketing, cloud based box office ticketing and of course the modern way people use social media like Facebook & Twitter to find out information and interact with your business.

Digital projection also brings a new dimension of film and event exhibition. We can offer affordable and scalable website & ticketing solutions for independent cinemas, pop-up venues, open air screenings and even part time community halls.

We build websites with both the customer and your goals in mind. We are the only company that has spent many an hour on research to develop the most user friendly experience therefore increasing web bookings and customer loyalty which in turn increases attendance.

Keeping your independent identity is as important to us as it is to you, that's why we believe in using the modern standards but keeping your traditional values in tact so that every single one of your customers benefit from this technology but can still feel they are visiting their local independent cinema.
Because we run our own independent cinemas; we know that cash flow is king as we are ‘only as good as the next movie’ so we made this solution affordable which can be scaled to suit business demands.

We wanted to make full use of the Veezi technology so that you can run your cinema more effectively whilst removing some of those time consuming and sometimes expensive practices in running an Independent Cinema, all without going through a steep leaning curve or being bamboozled with Geek talk. We decided to do something about it which we believe in turn will make your cinema life so much easier and increase attendances at the same time.

So with Veezi you have a fully functioning box office ticketing and retail solution along with online ticketing.  We then use Veezi to build dynamic websites that populate show information and times dynamically so that you do not have to lift a finger.  On top of this we also integrate your programmed schedule into you social media accounts such as Facebook and Twitter so that your customers get daily information on what you are showing.

What We Do

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Internet Ticketing

Sell tickets online quickly, efficiently and securely without having to deal with any expensive overhead costs such as payment gateways and online security. With super fast transaction processing your customers can buy tickets quickly, efficiently and securely. Either sell tickets online only or use Veezi for offline and online integration.

Fully Responsive Website

With a cleanly designed well laid out website that looks good on all PC’s, laptops, tablets and phones, your customers will be able to see what’s on and book tickets instantly with any device they use. We will build your site to fit in with your branding and colour scheme and you can choose between a simple one page site or a multi-page feature rich site.

Box Office Ticketing & Retail

We are proud to use Veezi as our preferred software partner who are renowned worldwide for their Vista Cinema software. Veezi is so robust that it can sell tickets and retail items at the blink of an eye. Film programming, reporting, cashing up and retail is a breeze with Veezi . All you need is a windows PC or POS till and a ticket printer…and you’re off!

Social Media

Facebook and Twitter are here to stay and are proving to be a successful way to communicate with your customers. But what if you are not ‘social savvy’ or just don’t have time to regularly inform your customers what’s on and what to book for. Well help is at hand as we are able to automate all of this for you.

Email Subscriptions

What if your website and social media accounts work for you by building a list of loyal subscribers? They can receive weekly show information, events listings, special offers and more, straight to their inbox. How about all of this on autopilot without you lifting a finger?

Custom Requirments

If you are looking to automate some of your daily mundane tasks or require some custom work then please speak to us and we will see what we can do for you. We are well versed in cinema operations so may have a solution for you to save you time and money.

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Some of Our Clients

Campbeltown Picturehouse

Whislt The Campbeltown Picturehouse is being redeveloped, Film Mobile Scotland are screening films at the local Community Hall. It was easy to just configure Veezi for the new screen which now shows films on a […]

Chalmers Filmhouse

The Chalmers Filmhouse is a single screen multi-purpopose venue located in Abroath, Scotland.  Because of their location they wanted a simple solution for online bookings as their customer base was widespead and needed to be […]

Oban Phoenix Cinema

The Phoenix Cinema is a 2 screen cinema located in Oban, Scotland.  They changed to Veezi ticketing from Newman Online in December 2014.

They wanted a fully integrated branded website which updated automatically whenever they added […]

The Thurso Cinema

The Thurso Cinema make full use of the integration with the Veezi ticketing software.

They run special ticket promotions such as Kids Club and £2.95 discount tickets which show up as icons on their website. They […]


As you can appreciate everyone that comes to us has a different requirement for their business needs. After a careful consultation, we can provide you with a bespoke quotation. Most of our products are modular which means they can be added or taken away any time that you wish.

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